Psychotherapy Links

Psychotherapy Links and Resources

It can be difficult to know where to start when seeking information on the different styles of psychotherapy. I am including here a few links which you may or may not find useful for making your decision. Please understand that I am not responsible for any content on these sites and if you require further information please contact the moderator of the sites concerned. You may find it useful to start with which provides tips on how to find a psychotherapist and which provides a list of private NSW Institute of Psychoanalytic psychotherapists.

Behavioural Therapies


This site provides information for both patients and therapists on treatment of different diagnoses as well as treatment workbooks for treating some specific problems, mainly from a CBT perspective.


This site provides a number of resources on CBT for both patients and therapists including a description of some of the self-help books that Dr Burns has written  on boosting self-esteem, lowering anxiety, and developing happier relationships.


The website of the organisation developed by Marsha Linehan to research and bring into clinical practice behavioural therapy methods (DBT). There are a number of video excerpts of those who have an experience of treatment with DBT.


This site provides information for both clinicians and patients and may be seen as an additional DBT module. This website provides some audio recordings on self-compassion for use by individuals.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapies for Trauma and Dissociation


This website provides information on the activities of the Westmead Psychotherapy Program. It gives a list of available treatment and training courses. There is also a referral form for those wishing to apply for psychotherapy in the Conversational Model, and live in the Greater Sydney region in New South Wales, Australia. There is currently a one to year waiting list for twice weekly psychotherapy for no fee as part of the Research being conducted by the Westmead Psychotherapy Program.

6. The International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation

This has a link to Finding a Therapist who works within a Phase Oriented Approach to Trauma Treatment in your area

7. The Australian and New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists

also has a Find a Psychotherapist search facility.

Finding a Psychiatrist Psychotherapist


This is the website of the Royal Australian and New Zealand Colleg of Psychiatrists (RANZCP). On this website you can find a section which links to a website

which allows you to search for a psychiatrist. Please use the Sub-Speciality Advanced Option to find a Specialist Psychotherapist.


Research and Education in Psychotherapy and Mental Health


Provides research and training videas in mental health for a monthly subscription, which may be useful to training mental health workers and researchers. There are a broad range of mental health topics with webinars including depression, anxiety, trauma and PTSD.